Social Stocks

Not only human but the entire clan of Animals, Birds, Fishes and other living beings are social. Everyone means all the living species have their own networks too! People like us, humans, rarely find those networks in naked eyes. Humans have different levels of social networking and going by the history of human networking, it has a diversified effect on the race itself.

In present days, social interactions in digital media are the ‘in’ thing. Taking cues from that all the companies and brands are focusing more and more to these social media platforms. Consumer brands are depending heavily on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter to make their presence felt and influence the minds of the buyer. Incidentally, you will get tons of metrics and data to back your campaign after calculating the behaviors of the target consumers or customers.

Changing pattern of marketing is putting more stress on creating an effective strategy that has social media as one of the major part to earn the desired impact.

The basic point though remains the same, human behavior! We will talk more on social media and other communication aspects soon! Keep watching and keep reading DIS blog!

Chandan B
Head – Brand & Communication

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